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a day of funk turned into a day of fun



I start my day not depressed but not jovial really just in a funk I can't pinpoint why it was just there so I went to the hospital did my volunteer work put a smile on a couple faces and then the charge nurse stopped me in the hallway and introduce me to a new trainee and commented on how wonderful it is the work that I'm doing because it really does help those survivors now if that doesn't put a smile on your face nothing will then I finally had an opportunity to work on my email see what's going on with that and I noticed there were a couple of post on my last log entry I am humbled The Sassy besties comments wooden credible friend she is with days like today I can start in a funk anytime as long as I can talk to my patience get a laugh and have a smile and get it God bless you for what you do of course that is not why I do it I do it for the smile.

be blessed and be a blessing,



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jay :


I m glad u r feeling better to your usual self not every day will be great day there will be down days in life so that we can appreciate good days to fullest.



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