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true friends have your back through good times and bad times



I definitely caught my friends here on the network as true friends when I have a good day and celebrate with me when I'm struggling you cheer me up you always got my back thank you so much you are such a blessing to me.



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Jay, I look at Strokenet as a life saver.  I was so depressed, lonely, sad, upset with doctors. Finding Strokenet was  a blessing.

 I was out on Saturday with Hubbie, singing the praises of Strokenet. One of the Person had a stroke two years ago, and I am hopping he will join us.


Jay, you are a blessing, thank you.



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Yes,Steve has given a great gift to the world by creating this beautiul home here where we meet and find repose.

I too was a ragged soul so weary from being misunderstood even by myself. I found a voice and a family of patient comforting listeners.

Jay I love your warm insightful soul so generous in sharing. Thanks to all my fellow travelers here progressing to be even better as we are.

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