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Another Blessing filled day



while doing volunteer work at the hospital I'm currently working on a special project getting patients signed up for the patient portal. I walked into a room and I verified the patients first name and introduce myself with my first name and she said oh my God I can't believe it's we met just over a year ago when we were both in outpatient t,herapy, a fellow stroke survivor and I told her that she was my inspiration for working with stroke survivors in the hospital and she said no way and I said of course you were as we talked over a year ago she said she didn't believe me. I reminded her of our first conversation "there is nothing worse than waking up in the hospital scared to death not knowing what happened what was going on and what to expect and I said I agreed with her and how lonely it was think I was the only one for almost a year and I said that's what I decided to do my volunteer work we talked for 45 minutes about silly things life in general she's in the hospital for other medical reasons not stroke related thank goodness but it was such a beautiful thing to see this friend of mine as I was getting ready to leave she said give me a hug I need a hug of course I was more than willing to oblige her we all need a hug once and awhile. I loveshari g smiles.

Be blessed and be a blessing


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Jay, aren't you glad you are still able o get around and run into old friends from the past?? It means you are still getting better each day in my opinion....

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