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Another day of amazement



It started with the white-capped waves washing up on the beach beautiful son with a North Wind Mother Nature's natural air-conditioning in full gear dropping the temperature 10 to 15 degrees so humbled and blessed to be here to witness that.

No bus service on Sunday is really struggling with Sundays we all can recall those days.

I secured a ride to the hospital from a friend or family member and I'm so glad I did the smile on my friend's face when I walked into her room on a Sunday afternoon it would have been worth walking the ten miles to the hospital of course that would have taken me many more hors than I have.

What an incredible blessing what's pop in and say hey how you doing and just have that beaming smile from ear-to-ear it was the highlight of my day so far.

Be blessed and be a blessing,



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I hope you are not in Flint where the bad water causing havoc and you are able to see the waves on the beach so glad you can be a witness on what you see.....

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Jay,  been a  blessing is a blessing. It is great that you are there for People who just need to know that some one cares.  That is worth more then all the riches on earth. It is priceless!


I just finished tutoring at the school, he was a third grader, who just wanted someone to listen to him reading and giving him encouragement. he pass.  I got so much from been part of a team of us who just wanted to do something in the communtiy.  


School finishes next week, so I need to find something else, that I can be a blessing, so I can get a blessing. 



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thank you all so much  for the kind words, Yvonne, you are correct, when I get a smile from someone or a thank you, That type of payment is priceless.

you will find others who need your blessings and you too will be blessed.


love all of you so much, your kindness keeps me going too.


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