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I'm so blessed with great kids and friends both old and new.



my daughter called me this morning and told me she was coming over to mow the grass " because I know you still have challenges with that".


Most Tuesdays I meet a friend for coffee, I know he had surgery a week ago or maybe 10 days.


We played phone tag. Well this morning his wife stopped by the coffee house on her way to workout at the YMCA, just to update me on things, because she knows how close I am to her husband.


Sitting outside the coffee house soaking up the early morning Sun, so warm I had to remove my jacket.


It was getting rather hot. the store owner next door was going in to get coffee and she said, "you need to be careful and think about a hat, I don't want you to get sunburn on your head",

how wonderful is that what a great start to my day, people looking out for me.


I am so blessed.



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Jay, it's a good thing we both got friends and can still get around to some degree.... After the stroke I went to work on my scooter at Walmart for three years as a door greeter and the manager didn't want me to quit but I got tired of getting up early mornings to be at work by 7 am five days a week so I stopped working......


Right now they are still hiring disable veterans to work in all their stores here in this military town with many veterans using scooters and many with lost limbs even women veterans.....


It's great to have friends!!!!!

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That is wonderful Jay. Like I said, you are a blessings, so you get back blessings.


You are a nice person that is why you have great family, and friends.


Take care Jay, enjoy your life.



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