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Witness the Beautiful teaching moment between a mother and her small child



while waiting for the bus outside the grocery store a young mother with a small child, I guess 4 years old

they walked to the dollar store nearbt then came bck to the grocery storethe mother said to the little girl you know how that lady help you in that store now you have to pay it forward you need to help someone else I didn't get the opportunity to talk to her but I wanted to tell her what a beautiful lesson that was to teach her little girl that is how the world can be changed if we start young and teach your children well I know I instill that in my children and I'm hoping they're installing it into their children but it was such a beautiful thing to witness I'm so blessed to be here and to witness such a beautiful event. Be blessed and be a blessing.


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Yes, teaching your children to help others, to pay it forward, is great and as you say will slowly change a corner of the world.  I was taught that by my Dad, "your job is to help others" he would say and so from a little kid I did my best in that regard. Thanks for the reminder Jay.

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