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Follow-up appointment with my opthamologist tomorrow



I find it hard to believe that my opthamologist determine that I was legally blind and even if it's the Social Security Disability Administration definition of legally blind and yet they still denied me again I think it is a war of attrition if I can withstand the gauntlet of all the doctor's appointments etc. They finally give up and grant disability.

I'm looking forward to the appointment because I really do like the doctor keeping a positive attitude I do know that my vision has diminished since last year I don't think it's part of my stroke so much as just getting another year older.

Personally probably stinks more I don't know I've never died but I'm kind of happy with the way things are going right now overall.

Be blessed and be a blessing




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Jay I love the way you think.  I have a brother-in-law who is legally blind and he gets around just fine.  I think our rules in Australia are easier to understand than yours seem to be.  I hope you make some progress with your application soon. 

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Jay I was denied three times and I cannot walk or see straight. Then I got it.but I have it for 1 year then another determination. I feel they make me work to get what I should not need to be worried about. It is ridiculous. But just give to caesar. Keep your eyes on the prize and believe that you will be ok

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Jay :


just stay after them give them required & more information so that they can decide based on all information. I sometimes feel sad for people who don't have spouse who is organized to deal with all the red tape government puts it & I can't imagine patient who is so down after stroke to deal with all this mess. I am so happy that I m married to accountant so he made sure our paperwork was perfect while dealing with government  beurocrates




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