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I'm MultiTasking and I can't get up!!!



In the time since I last posted here, much has happened.


I went back to work. I was told by my supervisor my job responsibilities were changed. At first I was not happy, all right down right very upset Flame-On.gif but upon further review I found I like doing what I am doing now.


One thing I found I can't do any more is doing multiple tasks at the same time. You know the famous management buzzword known as "Multitasking". I can't do it anymore since my stroke last November.


You give me one task to do and I am fine. More than that, I am like the old woman in the commercial, "I've fallen and can't get up!" lol_2.gif




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Guest lwisman




You are probably aware of this, but not being able to multi-task any more is VERY common with stroke survivors. I've learned to not worry about it. I have noticed that as time has gone on I can do a bit of multi-tasking. Just sort of slipped up on me. bouncesmile.gif

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I'm with Lin. I once was the multi tasking queen, now I'm just a jester wannabe. I think as time goes on, I can do a few things at once and not feel as if I'm driving myself nuts.


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i wasn't aware men could multitask to BEGIN with!!!! maybe you just THOUGHT you could and can't remember the truth.



kim ohmy.gif

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TRUTH!!!!! I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hold It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That didn't come out right!!!!!!!!!!!!



I mean.................




I am stopping while I am behind.



Charles biggrin2.gif

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