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The Warriors Won Last Night



Well it's still a long way to go to see who will be national champions this year in Basketball but the Warriors was convincing to me it will be them instead of the Cavs and LaBron James.... The Warriors are on record setting play this year and I'm told they won it all last year so they could win it all again this year as well.....


We will just have to wait and see so thought I would write this blog to see if any other basketball fans agree...... :D


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Not really a basketball fan, football person, but I really like Steph Curry. I wouldn't mind if the Cavs won, because they never have.Hard to believe Lebron is an underdog.

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Well, we all shall see tonight if the Warriors can win game three from the Cavs and lead 3-0 going back to Cleveland.... I honestly think the Warriors will be the champions since they won 73 games in regular season play to set a new record on season wins.....


I think their 3 point shooting is much better than Cleveland...... Curry will wear them out the way he makes 3 point baskets I think...... We all shall see tonight...... I don't have a penny on he game just gut instincts I guess......


Lynn I think Curry will shoot lights out tonight and in game four too...... He s just that good..... Yea Sue, I will be watching every minute of the games nothing else to do except rub more pain relieving meds on my left side....

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