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Well I'm Still Just Getting Along Slowly



My condition hasn't changed very much from 12 years ago as I am still doing for myself and got a lady coming in 5 days a week for one hour to help me with my socks and shoes and caring for my feet which is very hard for me to reach and do myself.... that's a big help every morning.... My wife helps me with bathing or showering at night so the VA cut me down to one hour for help coming in home....


She helps me with the exercise bike too that helps with my paralyzed side which I can't use very good but I'm not complaining just glad I'm still doing all I can to get better each day..... A stroke and survival is a task all by itself which all of you already know about.... I'm so glad I can drive myself where ever I need to go and to my appointments.... Therefore the way I see life is I will be like I am for a long time to come and I'm not getting any younger but older each year..... No one lives forever so I'm in good company being a member here.....


My wife is happy I can do more things for myself while she is still working full time not having to see after me all day plus I can feed myself at meal time.... Well I had two little dogs but my wife sold the last puppy yesterday to a lady that needed a pet so I got the momma we been had for four years that had the six puppies..... She stays close to me all day and don't seem to miss the puppy yet long as she can see me sitting here at the kitchen table.... She has the big recliner to sit in and is content being close to me all day.....


We don't go outside much anymore with so much happening and people trying to break in homes to rob folks... I don't want to shoot anyone these days if I can avoid it so I just stay inside most of the time plus I park in the garage now and my wife parks outside where I used to park my vehicle..... The alarms are always on which is a good thing and we get fast responses by our police department and the alarm people.....


This is not the life I intended to live when I retired from he military nor the Postal Service but who knows how life will be in years ahead of them so just still being alive and doing the best I can under the circumstances make me feel good all the time dealing with my body being paralyzed on one side and my disabilities..... So I say I;m still just getting along slowly with using a quad cane and a Reacher to pick up things from the floor I can't stoop over and reach without falling down....


So I can change the doggies pads and put the food bowls down after I put the food in the bowls while my grand daughter is still on vacation in Tennessee visiting her little friend and having fun being together while school is out for the summer..... I got my scooter downstairs I use to get food from the frig and using the microwave to heat up my foods and getting it to the table without dropping any of it....


So I can't complain about my condition I just try not to fall being here alone and can't get back on my feet by myself..... If I call 911 the people will come and help me get back on my feet but I will get a bill for 511 dollars without being transported to a hospital..... If I'm downstairs and fall I try to get back close to the stairs where I can pull up on my stair lift chair and use the stairs to get my feet back under me.... If I'm upstairs I try to use the bed to pull up on and my computer chair until I can get back on my feet....


If none of that works I have to call my wife she will come home cursing but will get me back on my feet..... :roflmao: Otherwise I pull cover off the bed and lay on the floor until she comes home or my daughter comes home to help me get back on my feet.... One day I hope not to be in this condition but I don't complain I just thank God I'm still alive,,,,. And of course the little dog will lay down beside me on the floor until someone comes home..... I try to insure the AC is turned off or not running during the day just a ceiling fan will cool the whole house.....


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Fred I love your spirit, and you know that it could be worse.  Thank goodness you have a loving wife, a pet that cares about you, and a family that you can call on.  Keep that great attutude you have, and know that while you are here, make the best of it.


God bless to you and your family.



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Yvonne, have you been following the happenings in the UK lately??? If by chance you still got money in the banks there it could be shrinking slowly!!!!!!


Thanks, yea I do know it could be much worse so I'm very thankful for what I have in family and friends.....

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You are doing so well.  That dog is so good for you.  WE have 3 dogs and they really do help make our live complete.  They are content if you are around.  They love to see us.


Take care and keep up your spirit.



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Does your local fire department have a non-emergency number you can call for falls so they won't bill you?    We have that here on the Indian Reservation which is where our mobile home community is located.    I have had to use them one time, told them it was non-emergency and left him sit on the shower floor until they arrived.   They told me "don't ever hesitate to call on us when you need to get him up off floor, we will be happy to come do it for you."    I was not charged for the call and told as long as I call the non-emergency number and it's not life threatening for them to respond in a hurry, no problem.   


You need one of those flat dollies with four wheels to get around on when you fall on the floor and nobody is there.   You could lay on it like a big skateboard and scoot around on the floor.  Look out puppy, Fred's coming through!    lol     Sorry, couldn't help it .....have to do whatever works when you're in that situation.



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Sarah, normally I got a few numbers of friends I used to call but they have since passed themselves....  All the brothers from church got jobs and live in Temple 30 miles from me.... Even the VA is in Temple..... I have never called the fire dept nor a non-emergency number......


Getting over to the stairs is my best bet for getting back on my feet with one side paralyzed.....

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'M also in the same boat at 12 yrs but had a mishap on Fri. When I tripped on rug and broke my wrist in 2 places. Thank God husband home to get me off floor; thinkI might get the medical alert necklace since he is gone so often.Drs. also did C.t. scan just to make sureI didn't o any more damage when I hit my head. Not a good start to summer but at least it wasn't my right one then I would be in bigger trouble..Light cars and sling for upto6-8 weeks.blessings Lynn

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I'm glad you didn't do anymore damage than you got and glad your husband was able to help you get up from the floor....Falling is my problem when it happens cause I can't get up except in certain areas of the house near the staircase....


Anyway you will have a great summer and no storms like it's been lately....

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God bless you Fred. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and we cannot take it with us but we want it safely here to enjoy for every today.

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