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I think I'll go to the casino What The Heck?



I'm slow not to steady on my feet so I'm thinking if I get on my scooter and ride around the casino floors play a few of the machines I might get real lucky and hit one of them for a few quarters and take my mind off not being able to walk very good.....


My wife wants to go play some so I may as well follow her since she is off work this coming week while our daughter and grand daughter care for the two dogs... Before I know it school will have started back pretty soon so it is time to do something else beside sit at home...... :roflmao:


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Fred it is always time to do something else beside sit at home, so grab this opportunity and go out and enjoy yourself.  Life is too short not to make happy memories. Hope you are a big winner.

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Fred :


I feel winning or loosing does not matter as much as the journey. create happy memories with your life while you still can. I am firm believer everything we do with good intentions behind turns out to be great thing. so have fun



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We got back home Sunday night very tired out from all the going we did and enjoying family members plus my wife's brothers and sisters and their children.... I enjoyed going in the casino playing the quarter machines.... I didn't win big but enough to keep playing for hours while my wife did hit 500 dollars on a penny machine, amazing....

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Hi Fred, please you got home safe.  So your wife hit it big! great news, she got that luck. I have none, but I give my friend luck, who always hit it big when I am with her.



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