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School Will Be Starting This Month



Well that time is almost here in Texas where schools will be starting later this month and I think for my grand daughter it's on her birthday which is 17 August..... I think she will be bussed from her old school to her new school this year so at this time I don't know yet if I will be dropping her of at her old school to catch the bus to her new school or her mom will be taking her...


Her mom doesn't explain things very good to me and right now she doesn't seem to be working as she was before so I guess I'll find out later on this month.... I still got a lady coming in at 9am for my home care of one hour five days a week... I should be back home in time if I still have to make the school run to get my grand daughter on the bus to her new school this year....


Otherwise I will not have a lot of chores to do as I'm still trying to be a big Lottery Winner but with my luck I can't seem to pick the winning number for any game I play... I figure my time to win big is coming soon hopefully before Christmas since that comes slow each year.....


My darling wife and care giver wants to continue working at the bank for a few more years which she has been able to do all of our years together which now totals 18 since we married long ago in Reno, Nevada..... She knows that she can quit or should I say retire any time now but she loves her job at that bank because she has the required time in to stop now if she wanted to do that.....


I'm at a 100% from the VA so I don't lose or gain any more pay and they pay for my in home care which doesn't change either I just want to get better where I can walk and do more things for myself.... Right now I feel so handicapped and scared of falling knowing I can't get up by myself.... I don't use the scooter in the house anymore I walk all the time but when I go in my vehicle I got the scooter to use for shopping or as I need it instead of trying to walk very far....


So another year is upon me but instead of just sitting home day in day out I think I will go to the bowling centers and visit with some of my old team mates and friends if they are still around then come back home and fix dinner for my working wife where she can eat and relax from her day on the job....


So I hope all goes well see you all next time!!!!!!! :D


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Hi Fred, good to hear from you. my Grandkids go back to school on Wednesday. My grandson is going into Middle school, and he can get on the school bus, i think this will be good for him, as he is shy, and my daughter got to stop baby him. my grand daughter, my daughter will be dropping her, I may have to sometimes walk and get her, my daughter is on her last term for college which she was doing online, now she  has to be on campus everyday.  


Good ideal to get yourself out of the house, meet your friends, get some fresh air, and met new people. I am now getting a bus to come and take me to a center, I go three days a week,  where we play bingo, have Keep fit classes, and have events like Partys for Summer fun, birthdays, or whatever we can think of. Plus we dress up, if we want to. Plus they feed us, so by the time we get home,like 1;30, we are ready to have a nap We also go to shopping malls, or go out to eat. When I first went, I just do the classes, because I was to young to ride the bus, and join in the other activiest, now I am old enought now  lol .


Take care Fred, love to your Wife, and Grand daughter.




The weather is still hot, with storms in the afternoon, sometimes, it has not rained for 2weeks, thought today , it came down good!.

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Don't let them Zika misquotes bit you there in Florida!!!!!!   So many robberies here I don't get out  in my physical condition I would be a prime target to be robbed and maybe shot and end up dead.....

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Yea our grand daughter will need to ride the school bus this year from her old school to the new one but the bus price is too much to pay by her mom our daughter, her job doesn't pay her enough so I will probably end up taking her back and forth on most days which is in the town 25 miles away.... Either that or we got to find a middle school a lot closer to where we live since she will be in middle school 7th grade.....


I used to go to a senior center years ago then the VA started paying for in home services  and I still got that going for a little bit longer far as I know..... I'm so glad I can drive and haul my scooter to use anywhere I need to go so I don't have to bother my wife about taking me nor having to go along with me for any of my appointments.....

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