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Jeans and Sandles



The other day, I was at Walmart and looking for a pair of jeans. I like ones with elastic waist. These were JMS (just my size) (2X - 18/20 petite) pull on stretch jeans. These have a slim ankle and stitching around the ankle. I got them home and was thrilled with how they fit and felt. I don't understand how I fit petite, because I always wore average, but they fit great. I soon began to think about how Bob wants to wear jeans so bad.... but.... they are such a pain, so hard to get on, to pull up the zipper, to do the snap or button (ouch my fingers!), and to get back off. I looked at these jeans and thought... why not try them on him? We are both about the same size and same height. They fit! Just as easy to put on as jogging pants and shorts! He is sooooooo thrilled with his new jeans, finally he can wear jeans again! He feels like a REAL person!


And on top of that, I found sandals for him - $20 ! I'm always checking out the shoe dept for something that might look like it could fit him. I saw these sandals, and the insoles are like soft memory foam, that allow his curled toes room to breathe and not feel pain under the curled toes! Although he never really talks about it, today he said this is the first time in 4 years that he walks without pain!


I have taken a pic of him on our way to a dr appt. It is sooo hot and he is sweltering, but patiently stands still for the pic so I could show y'all his new jeans and sandals :)






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Nice outfit, Sandy. You do so well keeping Bob safe, and keeping him comfortable.  You have excelled yourself this time by making him look good as well as feel comfortable. Have a happy summer.

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Sandy,  for some reason I did not see your post before.  I have been trying to find jeans with elastic waist for Larry.  I use to buy them at Sears but I don't think they carry them anymore.  I will look for these next time I got to Walmart.The sandals look good too but I am afraid to try anything different with Larry as he walks around by himself at home.  The sandals would be so much cooler but Larry may not be use to them.


Have a good summer.



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Just look in the ladies/women's section for the jeans.   


I've always worried about his toes in shoes.   I put his socks on, and pull out some extra on the end, but as I put the shoe on, I would always think about what was happening.   Was the toes being cruched, toe box not high enough for curled toes?   I have to say, I CAN'T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE THESE HAVE MADE!     His toes are uncurling!     He was literally walking on the bent over joints before, but they are straightening out, now that they have all the open room.    I have always been looking for some other shoe to help him, and when I saw these, I had hope.    At any rate, I knew I could return them, so it was worth trying!    If you get them for Larry, do what I did, gait belt and spotting the first couple of days to make sure he is used to them.   Bob doesn't walk around freely, but a little.    But when I first got the sandals, I was very careful, and no problems.   

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nice outfit Sandy.  The sandals sound good. William's toes curl too.  I will check them out. Thanks for sharing.  The pics are great.

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Made me think of all the times as a teenager I wore boys jeans because they fit better. I thought I was hot stuff. If your posture changes your pant length has to change too. Also if you gain or lose weight your jeans will fit differently in the length. Or maybe they are just making them differently. Glad they fit your husband. I can't do zippers or buttons either so it has been a challenge finding the right pull on pants that still look stylish. Any women out there who have to wear pull on slacks I will be happy to share my brands and styles.

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