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An amazing fun Sunday/ Father's Day



I spent the day relaxing with family quite extended my son in laws family as always I am considered a member of the family thet ate all so loving and caring.

Great food great conversations just a relaxing day.

2 of my grandchildren were part of the mix of seven children all under the age of 10


It was so lovely to not spend this Father's Day At Home Alone.

ow up and my son in law's family's I had the opportunity to see two of my daughters and heard by phone for my other daughter and my son all wishing me a happy Father's Day I'm so blessed


I am so thankful for my second chance and the opportunity to witness yet another Father's Day and spend time with family be blessed and be a blessing.


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Sounds good jay, surrounded by family, and with the phone calls lots of loving messages.  yes, it is good to have that second chance at life, contiue enjoying life as you do.

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