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Thoughts and prayers requested



I went to the hospital today to meet up with my former coworker and recent stroke survivor with my iPad to get her onto the stroke Network cuz I know it would benefit her when I got there she was tied up with therapy so I decided to have my lunch first when I got back up to the rehab floor I overheard one of the nurses say she's being transferred to ICU right now together we can make a difference


Be blessed and be a blessing




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Jay :


I will be praying for your friend, hope doctors healing hand & friends & family  like u will keep her in safe haven. please update us as soon as u learn more. wishing & praying her speedy recovery.



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May God cradle her in His arms and angles sing as she fights for the life she knows,And comfort those around her if she goes on. We live in faith.

And it is so hard to see our friends suffer or leave this life.

May our prayer circle send positive energy to sustain your strength as you walk there where you are. I know you will walk near her to comfort her spirit,so please nourish yours. May God let his face shine down. You will be ok and she will be ok no matter what, if we believe and huddle close.

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Pam thank you for the kind words and a gentle reminder of faith I had many people praying for me when I was in the hospital sometimes things happened so quickly we only think in human terms

And lose track of our faith momentarily, thanks for the kind gentle reminder.

You are so sweet.

Thank you.God bless you,


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