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It's Over



Well, I had 3 wonderful days and so many plans of how I was going to use them. Now it's almost over and I didn't get much done.


I'm hoping that at least tonight I'll get to see the fireworks from my room. The real ones. I did see a few the last few nights that someone near here sent up. Yes, they were illegal.


And if I don't see them there's the big blast off from Cape Canaveral later in the month - if the weather will co-operate.


So now I'm off to read some more messages, play some more free cell and maybe do some of the things that I had intended to do.



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That's the story of my life, intending to do things but not getting them done and sometimes even started silly.gif

The best 'light show' is the one God displays everytime there is a lightning storm. gleam.gif

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