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Now I've heard everything!



You know when you use a credit card machine in the supermarket or at a gas station? It says credit or debit and you push the one you want? Well, let me tell you a story.


Today I went to my GP. It's been 6 months. I got to the office where you pay and wrote a check for my 20%; I'm on Medicare. It came to 10.28. I was then given an adding machine tape which had some writing and the amount and was told to sign it. I asked what it was and was told I was getting my check back. Being slow thinking now, thanks to my stroke, it didn't quite register. Then I was given my check back with the slip attached to it. I was somewhat dumb-founded. Banks return checks each and every month (though some send pictures rather than the actual checks and there are other ways also, I believe.) and was told that it was like a debit form and the money was being immediately taken from my checking account. I know there are a lot of crooks in this world and people, even Dr.s, must guard against this. The amount was small, but I couldn't believe that this has now reached a Dr.s office! Never even read in the paper that anything like this could be done. I still can't believe that our world has come to this.....well, maybe I can. Times are sure changing!


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The businesses around here are getting the same system. It's really weird, isn't it? The stores around here say you don't even have to fill out the checks or sign them? Huh??? I do, though.



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Direct draft withdrawl has beena around for a while. All the company needs to do this is your routing and account number as well as a check number that you would then void.


My insurance company does an automatic withdrawl from my checking account each month. You just have to make sure you balance your checkbook each statement period and watch for any withdrawls that you're not aurthorizing.



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I had the same thing happen to me over a year ago. I had gone into a gift shop and wrote a check and was given my check back. All they did was enter the account # and routing number. The withdrawl was automatic.


Sometimes I think things have gotten too easy for people to get your personal information. Maybe we need to go back to the way it used to be.


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i miss the old days when you could "float" a check for a couple of weeks!!!! getting checks back, automatic drafts, and "do it yourself" computer check outs make me feel like i'm in a sci fi movie!!!!! remember, one day soon, there will BE no checks!!!!! they'll probably scan our eyes and take out the funds right then and there. it's scary.



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