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Let the buyer beware. (Can't remember the Latin)



When you buy something, do you shop around? A smart person would, I guess but me? Guess I'm not always so smart.


I am sort of house hunting. For about a year, I had been dealing with a certain salesman. Didn't have the sense to maybe look somewhere else - until he pushed my hand. I still don't know if I will still have to go to him and beg him to sell me what I want. Then again, he probably threw away a large sale with a nice commission because of being a stupid block head. At first I felt obligated to still go to him because he had spent so much time, although he always gave me wrong figures and changed them - upwards, of course. I don't feel that way anymore.


It upset me that he believed everyone I was doing business with was wrong. Why? Because I gave them verbal permission over the phone to check my credit and did not sign a paper to that effect. I kept saying, I have people every day who do it and he would say - they are in a lot of trouble. Well, he was probably pushed by a third party and he said, I want nothing to do with this. There are 5 other places on the strip. Go there. How distasteful to send business to a competitor.


So today, I didn't go to a competitor but to another dealer of the same product. I was shocked at what the new man told me. I had never been told those things from the first man.


And you know what? The thing he was complaining about - that you must have a written signature was probably not so. He never looked at his companies own website that said by clicking on submit, you are giving consent. Isn't that the same thing?


This is the second time I've found people who do not even know what companies they work for are doing. Shouldn't they want to be aware or is their job just a figure on a paycheck? Guess it is.


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