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Pizza day.....



It's the second to last day of my pain course.....and the class is making and cooking pizzas. What this has to do with my pain confounds me. But I am making one, anyway. Instead of a tomato base, as everyone else is making, I have decided on olive oil and garlic...just to be different.


As the pizzas bake in the ovens, the OT is questioning us in our pain.... I tend to be the odd person out, as I am the only stroke survivor doing this "Guinea pig" course. "Guinea pig" course because this is the first one of its kind undertaken by Victoria's Western Health.


My pain is unlike that of the others, who have specific ailments, ranging from degenerative spines through to work related injuries. My pain is not so much a physical injury, I reckon, as a psychological one. The stiffness, or spasticity, is ile an insidious creeping ailment that gets worse with each week that passes, and I have no idea as to why.


The neurologist simply tells me that after three years the brain started to repair itself, but is doing so in a bad way. But how do I reverse it, and get it back on track? The people here reckon that by bombarding the brain with different exercises and stretching methods, it will eventually reverse. But how bloody long will it take?????


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Maybe they are trying to distract people. Sometimes focusing on something else helps.  My neurophysio has admitted as much, he talks all through my sessions as he doesn't want to give my brain the chance to make a pain association with what he is doing i.e. moving my arm and leg around

Funny/annoying how unlearning takes so much longer than learning

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Distraction and redirection works in all kinds of different ways, the dentist does it when he plays orchestral music and talks to you.  The nurses do the same when they are exercising stroke affected muscles.  I guess your pizza making, coupled with the smell of it cooking as another distraction.  Good idea to feed the troops too, gets them in a good mood.  And the therapists can see how moving muscles when you are concentrating on something else works too.

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I was  in pain after my stroke, and me just sitting down, that is all was on my mind, the pain.


Started walking, and I go to Silver Sneakers classes, and the pain started to shift. The thing is, my brain was on other things, that I did not really noticed when the pain stopped hurting so much. Have some pain that comes and go,but it does not stop me from moving .


Do not give up, keep on moving.



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I agree with always moving.  I walk at least 30 minutes each day, rain or shine, and do a series of daily stretching exercises.  I try to walk at least 7,500 steps each day.  And I agree with all the comments above. :-)


Finally, yes....the brain is an odd-ball organ, and it WILL eventually...but ever so damn slowly....change its mind and start correcting itself or find a new way of doing something.

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I wanna get pizza making for pain relief.


Have you read about central pain syndrome on this site? Weird pain no one understands is where I lived until I found a doc using radiofrequency ablation. It is all an experiment. But yours sounds yummy.

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