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My Favorite Theme



I just changed my theme to Summer. I love this cheery background that makes me feell all summery. I had another theme up and then I didn't even have one just used the plain. But the background inspires and encourages me. I am so glad we have these to choose from. Ilike this on so much.

Do you have a favorite?


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Pam :



I seem to enjoy all seasons love fall spring summer winter( I love the first snowfall on those barren trees) . Though I m glad nothing lasts forever so I get to enjoy beauty of all seasons.



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Pam I love all the seasons each have their pros and cons. Then again I love every day.

Enjoy this favorite season of yours be blessed and be a blessing.


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Scott on the bottom of the page as far dow as you can go on this page on the left hand side there is a button which you can click on which says "Change Theme" .  The theme is the border around the page and in some cases the  background you use.  I just use Invision Blue as the others interfere in some ways with the blogs I find.  Yes, I agree that they lift your mood but maybe I am a simple gal who is fond of  blue Pam and that suits me fine. Also the themes are the opposite of the seasons for me here in Australia.

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oh yes Sue opposite seasons would be weird. Blue is a calm cooling color inspiring thoughts and words for me too.

Ihave not tried some colors yet. I just wondered how important the background thing and if there were favorites. I will want to explore more.

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I like country rose but is dark not as cheery which fits some moods of course but I like rose and sure wish there was something else rosy.

The themes are fun. meaningful.

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