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I can't remember



I keep forgetting that I have really bad memory in other words I don't remember that I don't remember.

I try that utilizes list a lot unfortunately I was at the library today and I had failed to record a list of things I wanted to get done so I did not accomplish what I set out to do.

I had to return to the library to print off a two documents that needed

when I was done I've managed to leave my flash drive in the pubic computer at the library


thankfully I call the library in a nice young lady that answer the phone phone my flash drive in set aside for me so I can pick it up in the morning


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Good you got it all together in the end. Using lists is a great idea, I use lists as at my age I don't retain as much information as I used to so I make a list and cross the item off as I complete it.  I find that saves me a lot of time chasing things I have forgotten to do.

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Have you ever looked at your list and tried to remember why you had an entry for something...that is when I just hang it up. :)

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Hi Jay, I don't remember anything.  I used to get upset, but now I just say "I had a stroke, so it is what it is" .  Just the other day, I made a" list', then went to the supermarket. Guss what? I forgot the list, but hey  "I had a stroke, it is what it is".



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Thanks yvone you are so right it is what it is. Sometimes I just have to laugh. I love share thing with others who "get it'


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