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Reality check and unconditional love



My five-year-old grandson was over the other day I've been out swimming as I started to enter the house he said Grandpa I want you to be careful when you walk in here because I'm playing with these little toys and grandma told me you can't see real good and I just don't want you to get hurt.

I don't know when I expected to break the news to my grandson about my visual impairment what a blessing to hear those words come out of a 5 year old mouth it was a a gut check the absolute blessing along with that gut check was when he said I just don't want you to get hurt how blessed am I to experience life with my grandchildren once again I'm humbled and must thank God for the recovery that he is giving me.

Be blessed and be a blessing,



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Jay, they are truely a blessing, mine live with me and keep me on my toes. It was my birthday in March, and my grandson made me a birthday card, and said inside, " Grandma , 60 is the new 20". I walked with a new step in my walk, and a big smile on my face. 


Bless them all



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Oh wow yvone what a boy you have there!


Dear Jay, it sounds like your little apple does not fall far from the tree! Not suprisingly, your grandson has love and concern for you.

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Jay I'm blessed to have a grand daughter in the house that is 12 years old born when I had the stroke but she will see after me all the time  knowing I can't get around real good anymore but I drive her to school and some days pick her up after school when her mom can not when she works late..... Glad I can get around as well as I do helping out where I can being paralyzed on one side.....


We both can be glad for grand kids around that cares how we are doing..... 

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