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Thankful for Another Blessing



the day after the wedding we had a number of family members over to our house the day after the wedding we had a number of family members over to our house many of the nice Cinepolis grew up at on the lake with us so now it's time for beer kids to experience life on the way with huge waves and the kids just squealing with the light I had to sit back and thank God for saving my life and bringing me to that day so that I could enjoy the screens are the light from my grandchildren what a blessing I'm so blessed to be here and I'm loving life


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Jay, you are blessed. Enjoy your grandkids, I love mine, and they keep my spirits up, and a smile on my face.  


Thank goodness for these blessings, and that we know we are blessed.



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You and me are truly blessed we were survivors of strokes and have families that loves us truly to stick by our side through it all these years (12 for me so far) and not one complaint..... I will take all the blessings sent my way and now at my age it's just a matter of time because no one lives forever or to be a hundred years old anymore it seems.....


All the best to you my friend.....

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