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My First Step Forward



My first step here will be a very happy hello. :happydance: I had my stroke last year the day after 4th of July. Bilateral Cerebellar Infarct. I was 43, just helped close down all the stores in our city (which were the only ones in the state) where I had been working for close to 10 years. I was the bread winner as you call it in my home. Active, feeling the best about myself probably ever, looking forward to a future that I felt could only get better. Prime of my life I guess. Even with past ups and downs I was finally feeling comfortable in my skin, with myself, and being around lots of people and those I love. I've always been a people person...I talked...a lot...and to everyone I met who came through my store. I was the Assistant Customer Service Manager at a great (different) grocery store. We as a store really believed in customer service and tried our best to excel at it. Seems like such an ordinary job, nothing corporate, but I met so many people. So many different, interesting, fabulous people with their own stories. Their life stories were fascinating to me. I live in a city full of musicians or anything that has to do with music. We have Record Label Companies here, celebrity musicians, lots of Colleges and Universities, some of the best Medical Facilities in the country, a vast range of different people from all around the world. I made many acquaintances and built many many relationships with people, with their families, friends, and neighbors. I watched once pregnant mommies come in to my store with their newborns and watched those babies grow. Congratulated those same faces when they started Kindergarten. Congratulated others as they graduated high school or college. There have been so many different types of Congratulations I have shared with others over the years. That was me just a little over a year ago...


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Tracy, thanks for starting a blog, it is a good way for us to get to know you and for you to tell your unique story and release a few of your feelings about what has happened to you. I started mine in 2005 for that reason, to release some of my feelings and literally to sort things out in mymind.


It is strange, is it not. to look back and see that last "normal" day?  I look back at 9th April 1990 and think how unaware I was that people in their forties who are otherwise fit and strong and active and energetic can suddenly have a stroke in a hardware store like my Ray did.He was at his peak at 48 and we were on holidays in Queensland.  Luckily he was with his brother who took him to his doctor who rang an ambulance that took him to a good hospital and so they found out what had happened.


Keep up your writing and I will look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.

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You have come a long way my dear so stand tall and be very proud of your accomplishments in just one year.... It has taken me all 12 years with only one hand and paralysis on the other side....

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hi Tracy :


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. I called it jewel of stroke network support group. I have found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. I love to blog about positives I keep on finding even after stroke. & I so remember feelings right after my stroke that I would never find joy in living again.



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I have wanted to do this but have shied away from doing si because I was afraid I wouldn't keep going with it. I have given myself permission to do this out of joy and release. If it's slow going then that is what it is or if I feel like writing often then I'll take that too. Both are good! This is me being my own cheerleader for a moment. Sue, thank you and yes I feel the same way about the day before and of my stroke since it happened so late in the day (11:30pm). So unaware, just doing my day to day stuff...sometimes running around like crazy which was normal to me and I'm sure I complained many times about it. Who would have ever known...definitely not me. Fred, thank you so much it always helps me see my own strides when I hear of others struggles. Reminds me that I am blessed like we all are in our own ways. Asha I'm going to remember your comment first for all the positive you have gained that is an inspiration to me...second because I can go back and read my own words, actually see and feel my progress, and to remember because a lot of memory goes away for me. Thank You guys.



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Hi Tracey, I enjoy reading your blog. I enjoy more reading,then writing my own blog. Do keep on, so I can learn more about you and your family, and your family..



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just helped close down all the stores in our city (which were the only ones in the state) where I had been working for close to 10 years.


Tracey, Can't understand that statement, Would you mind explaining please?


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Deigh I worked as a Customer Service Manager at Harris Teeter which is a grocery store. The month I came back after I broke my fibula in January I think was April. The very day that the news released that Harris Teeter (there were 4 in Nashville) would be closing all the remainder of the stores in Tennessee and Nashville was the only place in Tennessee that had any stores. So all of the Harris Teeter's in Nashville were closed by June 15 of last year. I stayed until the end and did my part. The last two weeks there were just 2 people working in the store each day...the Pharmacist and a manager. So me and about 5 other people. It was boring and I played a lot of cards and watched tv lol. The last week I worked we had half of one aisle just half way filled with product we had condensed from the entire store. This was a big grocery store in fact it has a different grocery store in that building now. Sorry I am rambling...but that is what I was talking about. It was July 5th that I had the stroke the last day the store was open was June 15. Hope this helps a little.



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Thanks for blogging. I always find it interesting and educational to go back and read my entries from months ago and see how far I have come. It encourages me. I learn so much from other people and thier experiences. Keep it up.

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Pearl you are very welcome I'm glad you've enjoyed reading them. It helps me as well to go back and read for the same reason. I can gauge better how far I've come. If it can encourage you then all the better. Thank you so much for your comment you guys have all been so supportive. 

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