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Blog Time Again It's Been 10 Days Already!!! I Need Physical Training And Hands On!!!!!



Well this will be a short blog today and I'm about ready to start going to Therapy where I can feel the benefits of using the different machines and having a person to work with me to improve my walking ability which has gone way down....... The lady I have now coming to my house have two little kids in school and she comes in and leaves early to help me for less than an hour.... I think I will get more using the machines at the facility with instructors and work every part of my body that way..... I got to improve my ability to do things to help me get better and not feel stuck in a rut....


I know when I use the machines at a facility I feel a whole lots better after about a week or two because I'm not getting any younger so all the exercise I can get will certainly help me move around much better especially with my walking ability.... I may even lose a pound or two as my weight remains the same most of the time......


The big thing now is high blood pressure says my doctor on yesterday and that causes both my ankles to swell up so he gave me three meds I picked them up this morning..... It was high blood pressure that caused my stroke 12 years ago and I sure don't want another stroke coming my way.... Before that it was high Cholesterol but that has been holding pretty steady for years now....


So I pray it all comes together for me and I get where I got more energy and in better physical shape with this body of mine.... That way you feel more motivated to get things done and help yourself live a better life without worry of having another stroke because as I have said many times "A Stroke is no joke" It's very hard to overcome and get back to living a normal life......


I still got the two little dogs, Princess and her pup, which will be a year old on 5 September, next month and Princess is already 4 years old now and my wife don't want to breed her ever again after these six pups she brought into the world.... They both stay right with me all day as my grand daughter is in school so they see after me.... I don't know what they will do when I start going to therapy but it will just be for an hour and not far from my house.....


Well I'm looking forward to getting better physically and I know it takes time when you are my age...... I thank God daily I'm still here!!!!! :D


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I thank God you are still here too Fred.  Enjoy your therapy and get as much motion back as you can.  You want to go on living a good life for as long as you can.  I'm glad you have the two pups for company, having company be it animal or human makes such a difference.

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Hi Fred, the exercise should also help bring the blood pressure down, as well as get the lymph system firing and reduce the swelling in your ankles, the less you can rely on the drugs the better.


The dogs will have each other while you are out, there's no need to feel guilty about leaving them for an hour or so.


The more you can keep moving the better. And if the machines give you more variety and keep it interesting then that's a bonus

It sounds like a good change - Enjoy


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Fred :


we are all thankful you are still here with us with so much wisdom to share. I think going to gym will b good move  & will help you feel better. BTW eating beetroot will help reduce your BP food is better medicine. I usually have boiled beet every day in our salad.



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Yea Sue, I told my wife I ain't leaving this earth until I make one more trip to Australia and meet you and your kids since now I missed out seeing Ray....


Heather and Asha,

Thanks for the Info I got to get rid of this high blood pressure for sure or it will get rid of me and I ain't ready to go just yet at this age...

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Fred you keep us all going with your example and inspiration.

I elevate my feet as much as I can. My stroke has meessed up my BP regulation so Igo high low. I hope you get some traveling in.

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