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My Stroke & The Years Since That Noon Day



Well you all it's been to me 12 years since the stroke came calling my name and right today I'm glad to still be here healing as best I can by the grace of God and my lovely wife looking after me as best she has over all those years.... So now let me tell you in my opinion that a stroke is no joke as it can hit you hard and take away many of your functions you once had and could do by yourself with no help needed by anyone.....


It's hard on me with one side paralyzed and the use of only one hand and having to use a scooter around home and when I go to stores or the shopping malls and to my appointments everywhere..... I thank God I do still drive and take the scooter everywhere I go without needing another person along..... So I truly feel blessed that I'm still able to function on my own pretty much....


Now at one time a year after the stroke I went to work at Walmart on my scooter as a greeter for three years before I gave working up and my wife returned to her job at the bank as supervisor.... So I have healed up over the years but currently got in home care for one hour a day during the week and trying to get approved to go to a therapy facility for more therapy on the machines and learning to walk much better than I do now.....


We all try our best to overcome a stroke, it's hard work, but can be done in most cases in my opinion from what I have accomplished over the years.....Being on the right Meds is a big plus I think for our healing from the stroke plus doing all we can with exercising our body..... Ofcourse our age and ability comes into play because I just made it to 75 years old and I can feel old age creeping up on my body functions....


Therefore when we are still here it's a good thing especially when we can still do many things in our conditions as everyone is different in body functions of what they can do on their own powers.... So I hate to be paralyzed but glad I'm still alive from the stroke because I could have been gone long ago.... It's been a journey for me, I learned so much about strokes, and I only wish I continue to get better where one day I can function again on my own powers....


I'm not complaining just explaining my case and conditions because there is always someone still got a long way to go in healing from the stroke or strokes they had and survived.... All the best for each member here as we are all different and conditions are not the same for every survivor..... My prayer and hope is I never suffer another stroke in this life I got left.... :roflmao:


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Guest lwisman




It does seem like the best any of us can do is to keep on keeping on. I also drive (but seldom and only locally). That bit of independence really helps. Continue to stay positive!!

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Fred any long term illness can be a burden and you can feel it is holding you back but I have seen so many stroke affected people like yourself who have still made a huge difference in the lives of others.  It is not the journey that we thought we were embarking on when we were young but life is what you make it I think so every part of our life experience has a value. I am so glad I found this site and met people like you.  You have made a difference in my life for sure.

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Thanks Lin you are so right as I will never give up the fight to get better in my condition.....


Sue you are so right I will do all I can long as I am able.....

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