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Seems Like I been On Site Here For Many, Many Years!!!!!



I feel so, so old these days when I see the new members join us and most of them are doing pretty good where as I still feel I'm still recovering from the one stroke that got me here 12 years ago...... I start to think when will I be able to do things again as I once could do years ago since age is not on my side at 75 years old now.... I felt the same way after I got back from Vietnam and out of the hospital realizing my life was going to be a bit different and I would life a bit longer......


After seeing so may soldiers return from war torn areas in a box right here at Fort Hood Texas to be buried in the National Cemetery I started to think how blessed I was to come back alive after seeing my fellow soldiers killed when we were ambushed near a bridge that had been blown up the night before we got to it in Vietnam..... Just when I thought I would get over the war and was out the hospital the stroke hit me very hard so my wife had to quit her job to stay home and care for me and my long battle ahead of me recovering from the stroke.......


I have done the very best I could staying positive, trusting in God and praying my way through living as long as I have already..... Life is what we make it out to be happy or sad we still have to live as best we can with what we have left and it's not always easy..... But no one said it would be either..... I don't get out the house much anymore because of my poor ability to walk, it takes me so long to get where I'm going after I get out the car..... I got my scooter but at times I can't get the seat off to use my lift to get it loaded back in my vehicle.....


I start therapy tomorrow to see if I can gain more movement in my body and learn to use my paralyzed left side better because one handed is hard to do using a scooter all by myself...... That's all for now..... :roflmao: :D


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You are an inspiration Fred!  Sorry I don't write more often.  Ray is turning 70 next spring and now everything that is wrong with him, they say it's his age not the stroke.  He's about where you are now though.


 Luckily, a Medicare therapist we had in January, right after Ray got out of rehab for pneumonia with his stomach feeding tube, turned us on to the VA.   Ray always belonged but never really used the benefits.    Now,they are our saviors;   they are so helpful and generous and I will never be able to thank them enough.  We went for a new wheelchair yesterday, I was happy just to get a regular one but they were wanting to know why we didn't want a motorized one.  It's a strange new world, but the VA definitely takes care of their own.


Hang in there, tough guy  ;-)  At this point, it's almost six years for us....but who's counting really?

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It's great to hear Ray is doing good and that the VA will take care of things... I don't know your case but maybe you can take the motorized chair instead of a manual one and you get a ramp too or a lift if you need it like they did me with my scooters.... I got one I take with me everywhere, one in the garage from medicare that will fit the bathroom doors and I got one in the house the VA told me to keep so I can go out in the back yard cause they didn't know how much long it would last.....


I got private insurance, VA, and Medicare so I hope to out live them all if possible..... Living another 25 years would be a challenge if it happens but who knows, just the good Lord for sure.....


Take care keep me posted on Ray hear? My therapy started today same as years ago I just hope I can walk good enough to start back going to church with my wife pretty soon and pay my own tithes and offerings..... 

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Fred, I am not far behind you at age 71. I am also finding some things I no longer can do well, but just keep on trucking! Blessings to you and yours.

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Hello Fred, I think that at 71years old, after fighting in one of the World's worst war, then suffering a


stroke, you are amazing. Like you said Fred , it could be worse, my Mom would always tell me while I was growing up,


Remember, there is always someone worse off then you". Plus you have a wonderful understanding wife.


Hang in there Fred, don't look away from God, put your trust in the lord, and let him guide your path.


God bless Fred to you and your Family



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I think the big thing with me is being paralyzed one side which affects me in trying to do many things by myself so that is why I started therapy Friday and I go to them three times a week so they can work with my body and maybe I can move around a bit better hopefully when I finish my sessions there.....Then I got the bike here at home I will start using again to get stronger..... :D

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The VA is sending PT and OT to us too now, while Medicare gave up around March of this year, and that was it til January 2017.  They also gave us a stair lift so Ray can have a proper shower upstairs,  an electric Hoyer lift (after he fell and for the first time I couldn't get him up without the aid of a local cop),also another ramp is supposedly in the works (someone came to measure but haven't heard when he's coming back) plus I managed to get one plumber to give an estimate on redoing our bathroom with a bigger shower stall, although I still need a second one to get the grant.  We live near the Hamptons so this time of year they are all busy with all their million dollar jobs  ;-)  so maybe over the winter.  They also have nurses that come monthly and quarterly, as opposed to the Managed Care's new rules of once every six months and really just for paperwork.  I feel like it was God's doing that sent that Medicare therapist when Ray came home at Christmas, he was so adamant that we call the VA. Would not stop badgering me!   I will be forever grateful for their service to us!

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