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I'm Back Taking Therapy Twice A Week!



Well I have been here before you all where I drive myself to the facility spend an hour there trying to get all the help I can to walk better sooner and be able to use my left side some at least.... It's an up hill climb but if I can gain a little bit more in what I'm able to do for myself then I will be OK.....


I realize I'm now 75 and 12 years out from the day I suffered the stroke so perhaps not a lot more can be accomplished in my body and that's OK if I can still do what I'm able to do now..... Either way it beats sitting at home day after day doing nothing at all.... I feel I am healing my body some with every hour I spend at the facility..... Now how much it's helping me remains to be seen....


On the bright side I know I won't live forever even if I didn't suffer the stroke but I feel good knowing I'm doing what I can to help my body do a little bit more.... Later on I plan to walk outside around in my yard with the two little dogs outside with me to get them a little exercise too.....


I can eliminate the little lady that comes in the mornings since she doesn't do a lot for me that I can't do for myself..... Then I can just depend on me helping myself get better with a bit more time.... I will keep riding my exercise bike in the dinning room so I don't get stiff from just walking in the yard with the dogs.... :D


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Fred :


that's the spirit. God helps the person who helps himself. I am glad you are getting out of the hime & doing therapy, its only going to help & not hurt. I m sure you will be able to get lot more out of this.



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You are an inspiration. You do so well. William is 73 and we do our water therapy every day. It keeps him feeling good. But he does not like to do therapy. You push yourself. You are doing so much better. Good luck

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Hi Fred, I misread the title and I thought it said "taking Baking Therapy twice a week". LOL. it sounded like a lot of fun. i pictured you kneading dough for bread which actually would be good therapy for the hands. I love the smell of bread baking.

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Hello Fred, good for you, your spirit is so uplifting. Keep on trucking, do not give up why should you?


Great that you are walking with the two dogs. i think walking is the best thing you can do for your soul


It feel great to be in the fresh air, and moving your body, you move at your pace. I go walking everyday, sometimes


walking four miles, sometimes two, walk fash, sometimes slow. it is okay, i moving that is what is imporant.


God bless Fred


Love Yvonne

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