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Nothing Much To Talk About In My Case!!!!!



I'm still kicking just not very high these days but I thank God I have not gotten any worse in my condition lately so I'm still healing and coming along with my progress of being a stroke survivor for the pass 12 years or so....... Man it just doesn't seem like I been on here since 2005 but I hope to be sitting out for a while before too long or I start to go downhill from here........


Surviving a stroke is the hardest thing I ever done and now at age 75 it takes more stamina to just get up in the mornings and to bed at night..... Some of you may know what I mean I'm no longer a spring chicken just a well seasoned rooster by now...... The Therapy didn't go so well for me at my age now so I'm dropping out it's just too much work on me to participate on a daily basis so I'm back to square one...... I get tired and worn out real fast lately so it's not for me any longer......


I do often think about just how much farther I will be able to go at my current speed which is slow and slower??? I got my bicycle here to ride when I can and the lady still comes for one hour each day to help me get things done on her shift...... I'll stay with that for now..... I'll just keep moving about long as possible..... I sure don't want to suffer another stroke at any time one is enough for me to experience......


I will just pray for the best outcome in my case and go with the flow of my life since I still feel pretty good physically..... I just will not sit down and do nothing long as I got strength in my body...... I got my scooters to ride when I feel like going outside with the two little doggies and let them run around for a bit to get their exercise while the weather is still great so far and not raining at all...... :D :roflmao:


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Yes, none of us are getting younger Fred, so we do what we can when we can.  Just keep on doing what you are doing, exercising the dogs, helping here, supporting your family with your love and prayers.  That is enough.

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Still nothing much to talk about you all but it is a big blessing to still be alive with reasonable health cause we all know it could be much worse on anyone of us at any time but here we are in the first day of a brand new month of September 2016...... Thank you Lord!!!!


Thank you Lynn it's always good to hear from you on the site...... Wishing you and yours all the best in life...... Yea, we are all seasoned well in all this time we been on this site as I have gone through three different computers since 2005 when I joined this group and my time as a volunteer back in 2007...... I still got my trophy Steve sent me for volunteering my time, a big clock!!!!!!!

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Time waits for no one so I guess I can start talking about whom will become the candidate for the next President of the United States Of America after the November vote we all should make..........


That gives me a bit more to talk about see I got nothing better to do with my time......... The football players are still not standing for the National Anthem but kneeling instead...........

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