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I had a wonderful summer despite this hanging on summer virus that prohibs me from getting the RFA. I made a bucket list for summer that included some restaurants, some clothes, some destinations, and I spent quality time with people sharing these things. One thing is I had a make over and maintained it determined that despite how I feel, I will glam. I am inspired by the people here in the residence who dress, partiipate in grooming activities and get involved with life. I now have visitors who used to come visit other people which is so nice. The nice thing is that I have visited places I never knew were close to home.


This summer is so much better here at the home because I watch the kittens play outside the hillside. Our garden is naturally blooming and the lawn is green despite heat. I miss spending time near the water so I made sure to get a big sun hat and a few scarves for wearing over tank tops and get to drive visit the coastline. Just yesterday I was watching the tourists along the shores and eating some good meals on my day out.


My time now is spent enjoying things and not just being stuck here. They now accept that I am going to have some Saturdays or Sundays out for a while. My doc said to be outside so this is following doctor orders.


My hobby here has helped me too. I know that I am not able to live on my own right now but someday I hope to live independently. Right now there is planning for more little outings and visits. I need something to look forward to. I miss my old life and home but as time passes and I am out in public, I realize I am not as I was. still. and I gotta get along as I am now. I have become even more independent in spirit now. So we have so much to go see and do in life while we can still do it.


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Hoooooo-raaaaayyy for you. You are making all the right little steps and are an inspiration to me. I say the heck with surviving, get on with thriving like you were meant to do. I think getting out in fresh air and getting back into society is extremely important. Difficult but important. Dang, it is all difficult. I am going to a birthday party today for a friend who was given three months to live three months ago. Enjoy what you can while you can. Go Sassy Betsy!!!

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