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Waiting for Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment



I had a quarterly meeting that was strange. One staff member came in to chat with me and she focused on what was my pain level number. I said it was a 7. I am dealing with the staff not giving me the pain meds on time and they lie about leaving it on my table instead of waking me up. I photographed the med cup with the pill in it and showed supervisor the picture with the time on the detail page. They are so concerned with the pain number that another woman followed and she wanted to discuss it more even though I was in the bathroom. I told her that I was not going to change the number from a 7 because that was the first number that came to mind when I was asked. Then I went on about how meaningless the numbers are because the criteria of what makes a painnumber is always changing. for me the 7 gives room for more pain and leaves room forgiving it a huge this hurts badly message. Now Ido not know why I said it was a 5 before. Was I really in less pain or did I give it an equal chance to be better or worse. But even


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