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my tiny grandson born on Sept 12 is in surgery this morning for his kidney and itestine problems. This is his second surgery. He only has one kidney and they are trying to get it working properly. I held him only one day and he smiles when he is full. He gets that from me. He is beautiful and we all think he resembles someone but in fact he is just him and that is cute. His little life is precious and mom has tried so hard to give him a great start in this life we somehow love and hang on to. I pray for a miracle that he be given a chance to stay and experience the good and value we hold dear in this life. I pray for his life because he is so loved and his absence would create a void never filled again. And I pray because he has fought so hard for his life from the very beginning when there was a nearly a miscarrage. He would like to stay and I hope Heaven can wait. Please join me in prayer for miracles to bring glory to God and give us this gift of baby.


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Prayers are with you and the family.  It is so hard to see a little one in surgery and they are so vulnerable.  My heart goes out to the little guy.  One thing they are so resilient and able to handle in some ways, better than an adult.  My son went through these types of challenges from age 1 on and and met each one like a trooper.  Children keep me grounded watching their bravery.  Best to your entire family and especially that little guy.

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My prayers I pray many blessings will come down for this child to survive and get much better in the doctors hands this day in Jesus Christ I pray in this moment.....

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You, your family, and the precious baby have my prayers as well!  Asha asked in a previous comment that you keep us updated on his condition, and I ask the same.  I wish with all my heart that your update will be a picture of a healthy little boy.  Hugs!

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Update: Little Baby Liam is home with mommy adn daddy. He is nursing plus he gets special formula. He also gets shots for red blood cells that mommy does. He has another surgery next month on his large intestine. It is so hard to imagine that this little one has known so much pain. But he is strong willed and he knows he is loved and self soothes. It is awesome when he just wants to hear moms voice and know she is there like when we stopped for gas and I opened door and said talk to your worried crying baby. then he stopped when she was saying something to me. probably to close the door. gas fumes. His intent gaze in my eyes when I gave him his special formula. made me feel like I should recite or produce animal baloons. All I could do was look back. love back. silently tell him yes this place hurts differently yet constantly, but that is price of admission to be part of the wonders, the people, the experiences. My daughter says she takes him around introducing him to things like he is an alien. we giggled. he is. How wonderful to be given the responsibility opportunity. I marvel and wonder who will he be. Sad so sad of course that probably he will only know me from pictures. maybe some early memories I hope. He is too cute already with a tiny personality my daughter already decodes so well. I was informed that was just a complaining whine and sure enough he made a few more sounds and settled. I wish I had hands working so I could change clothes. I had to snuggle him down so my tic didnt dump him or poke him but I got him cozy and full and entertained with an off key song. it is so fun allthose tiny things and great gadgets out for strollers now. I silently want to be zapped to be young do this all over only with a toned killer bod. My daughter said she dreamed about this day at the food court using the new stroller with royal blue chevron blanket bought with a coupon for ten dollars she tells me a few times, because it is fun to save money not because she has a memory thing this time. Amazing that my baby has a baby. I love this tiny boy mine yet not. I tell my daughter that their bond is enough to help her learn to do all she needs. Plus daddy is pure gold and there when needed. I am not the grammy I dreamed of being. Oh of course I am here and all that blessing talk. But I wanted expected to drive and cook and have sleepovers in little carpet tents. Now I live in snf And suffer from walking around the next day.


oh my. I did blabber a bit. the good news update is Liam is home. With that giant blue bear I hope he sees and they will say grammy sent that to you. Because we need a big stuffed bear hug sometimes along the way here.

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