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Loss of Right Hand Ability



I frequently fall asleep on right elbow so I have damaged the ulnar nerve so my hand is useles just about. I went to eye clinic a nd found out the prisms are not in my new glasses. The pretty ones.. so hard to read, color.


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Sorry the damage has happened to your ulnar nerve.  Where the prisms in your glasses in the prescription from the optomotrist?  If so they should make you a new pair with the prisms in them. 

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I have prism stickers on my new wine colored Glasses. Must wear 6 weeks to see if it helps double vision. I already lost one and had to go back and replace them. These are 5he medical vision folks telling me try this for double vision. Problem is keeping my glasses straight. Yes I will get these fixed now I guess. But I should have had prisms already.

Now I find it hard to use prism bifocals but I see pretty well in them. I will keep frames but they will make new lenses. I am frustrated now days at stooooopid. Praying for patience.


Update is Baby Liam is home. He has surgery scheduled in November. Mom healed good and we went to lunch,she nursed and I held him and she was happy. Baby is so alert. OK he is mine so I say he is handsome but He Is.


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Hang in on or what ever preposition works. Lol glad to hear the handsome lad is doing well


I have bifocal prison glasses they help me with reading.

I know you're frustrated with the trial and error. Remember. Medicine is as much Art as Science.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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