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And the band plays on



Just a quick update.


Check my email yesterday to find a new one from the study coordinator. Seems a new doctor has been setup here because the previous one moved to Iowa. This new doctor according to his resume is a professor of neurology and a section chief for the vascular neurology department. He has certainly published a number of papers on strokes so it will be interesting to see what he is like in person. The pain on my right side continues to escalate slowly, it is beginning to approach the 'don't touch my right arm' stage, The right side of my face is a close second. Living in Florida and finding the air currents from AC to be painful is an exercise in finding the the shadows where the air is still and not as cool. My comfort point is everyone else too warm.


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Scott, you always seem to find out how to get around your deficits, you are clearly persistent which is a great thing to be.  I hope the new neurologist turns out to have some insights into what is causing your condition to deteriorate and the pain to escalate.

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Hi Scott, just want to say hi, and hopeful you can get some answers at why


you are suffering such pain. I remember when after my stroke, my Pain was so bad, some days I just cried


to get it off my chest.


You are in my thoughs and Prayers



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