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Time to get back into blog mode



I need a place to put my thoughts about the approaching clinical trial I am on track to take part in. I want a place where I can share the results, trials and tribulations. The thought of having a hole drilled into my head to implant stem cells is a little scary but the phase 1 studies were quite good. And then I consider, what if I end up in the control group? 1/3 of participants are in that group. But that also means 2/3 are not controls. Here is the actual study listing https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02448641?term=stem+cell+AND+stroke&rank=31


So I'll start with something I hadn't thought about in years until a friend said that I must be excited to be a test subject and I remembered being what we used to call human crash test dummies.


Back in the late 80's when I was at my peak after a rather exciting summer spent riding my bicycle across the country, I and a couple others were invited to participate in some studies at the human performance lab at SUNY. We all besides being in top shape were all advanced divers with hundreds of deep dives each. The lab was under contract to study human endurance limits for the DoD, in other words find the breaking points where we would start to fail. We wore more monitors and more electrodes then I've seen since, even in ICU.


The first series of experiments where in a human centrifuge. If you've ever seen the films of pilots, etc sitting in a spinning cabin at the end of a long arm, well that was it. The object was to spin us until we would black out from the G-forces. When you blacked out your hand would let go of a dead mans switch and the device would brake to a stop. After getting a base line they started putting us in inflating G-suits to see how much that improved our endurance.


Another test we did was hypothermia studies. They would immerse us in a tank of water and start chilling it. They measured everything from skin temp to EKG to core temperature. I leave it to you to figure out how they got our core temp. We had to perform everything from dexterity to math tests as they cooled our bodies. It was not fun...but I lasted the longest, I don't know if that was a good thing.


We did several other things for them but you get the idea. Being a guinea pig isn't new territory for me but this is far and away the most advanced. So as things move forward I'll give updates but they've tentatively set the surgical date for Oct 10 but there are several tests to be done and baselines to be established between now and then.


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Good for you even if you are in the control group maybe your participation may lead to help for others.

What a beautiful opportunity.

I would love to be a crash test dummy

Good luck looking foreard to updates and the final results

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Scott I'm really happy that you found something like this.I agree...what an oppurtunity to help maybe yourself but also many others. I applaud you! Keep letting us know. Thank You



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I admire your courage. I would be apprehensive and hesitant because we all know just how fragile the brain is BUT if it were available to me I would go for it. Maybe one day you can have some really cool bullseye tattoo around the insertion hole on your skull. Very anxious to hear everything. Hugs for the courage.

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Yea I got to get  back to posting a blog myself this summer like I used to do almost every week when the football season was in full swing..... I love to watch football....

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Awesome Scott.

I admire you courage and I hope you benefit from this and contribute to the whole research project. I wish you courage and encouragement. Just know that you are our buddy and we are rootng for you and want to know how things go for you.

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Scott,I just joined the group so yours was the first post I've read. I would love to know more of your story. Your past history as a Guinea pig tell me that you're a perfect candidate. I would highly recommend the book Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza. They could both strengthen the reality of the placebo effect and through visualization work could really effect your outcome in my opinion. We really are on the cutting edge of what these brains can do and you sound like a true pioneer who can lead the way for many others! Looking forward to your updates. JDA

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