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Made it through the first 2 evaluations for a clinical trial



After filling out a clinical trial eligibility form quite some time back, the phone rang about a month ago. Took awhile to grasp who was calling but apparently my questionnaire had made it through several selection criteria to make it to a trial team at University of California at San Francisco. Did a phone interview and they said I was a preliminary match for the trial. My medical records and imagery went off to them and today I got notified that I met the criteria to continue the evaluation. Sometime in the next week I'll get a list of the local hospitals who perform the next level of tests including redoing all the MRI's and CT scans. I've done my homework and this study is FDA approved as a phase 2 trial, phase 1 showed some improvement for the study patients motor control.


Of course everything has a downside, this study involves "minor" brain surgery where they drill a hole and inject specially crafted stem cells into the areas around the injured areas in my brain. The stem cells then help those sections create new pathways restoring some function. I'm not completely sold yet, still have questions and top on my list is some level of assurance that there is no Flowers for Algernon scenario at the end.


I'll update this when I have more info.


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Sounds like they should pay big study bucos For drilling holes and sending in nanobots.



Stem cells,eh?Would be fine!


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good luck indeed with that scott.  there is a ted talk I saw recently of neurosurgeon (young woman) describing something like you were talking about. it was a research study involving chimps with rather amazing results.  it wasn't as I recall exactly stem cells but something close to that.    don't have the link. will look for it.



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Let's hope and pray all things will work out for your condition and healing will prevail shortly...... For me I wouldn't mind the injection of the cells if it would help my paralyzed left side so I got use of both hands and walking much better again.... :D

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Thanks for all the kind thoughts.

I got the package the other day and discovered that they are not yet ready in this area. They think about a month before they have everything ready so I'll have some time to consider. I think slowly these days so having time is good.

To paraphrase the Ents, anything worth thinking takes a long time to think.:)

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I am having trouble giving you the link.  if you google ted talks jocelyne bloch brain repair you should find it. if you can't let me know.


take care


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Greetings David,


This is the link for the one I'm looking into.



I have my first appt with my new primary tomorrow...should be an interesting icebreaker. The wife saw her today and she was impressed which doesn't happen often. She did warn her that I was still sensitive about the being alive and operational against all the odds. Survivors guilt maybe? I don't know.

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