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Little finger is a big step



For a year and a half I've been looking at my right hand trying to bend its control to my will, with no positive result. I can close my hand but have little control over the pinkie or ring finger, they steadfastly stay extended at 45 degrees to the palm. I kept trying everyday I guess so I felt like I was trying, but many times I did it with no expectation of success, just by rote . I wanted to stop dropping things but have learned to expect that things in my right hand will end up broken so you train yourself to not use that hand as much.


So, imagine my surprise a few days ago when the pinkie moved a tiny bit, not much but more than it has for over a year. I've been trying more for the last few days and I can now bring the ring finger and pinkie into contact with the other fingers when extended. The downside is that it hurts like the devil but I'll take that trade.


In our previous lives probably none of us would have thought that moving 1 finger was a major accomplishment but it represents a year and a half of work for me. I have noticed that since I started having some control my clonus is more active on that side, trade-offs. I'll keep working at more control, apparently the doctors statements that after a year with no change my course is set is not entirely correct. It would have been so easy to quit and so many times I considered just surrendering that little finger but that would cast the die to start surrendering the next hard thing. We're survivors, we've been to the place most people will never know and returned, no refunds on the admittance fee but we can work it off. :thumbs up:


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Congratulations that's a wonderful accomplishment and thank you for sharing some may think it odd that we celebrate you moving a pinky but it shows your determination and your strength to continue on.

I know what you mean about the hand not functioning properly - my left hand or trying to carry my plate my left hand and dumping the food on the ground grave of the food I love food too much to see you wasted.


Three cheers hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray.

Be well my friend your little story has inspired me to continue working on my weak side as well thank you so much.


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You need a pinky party. :). It's been two years since my stroke and suddenly last week I moved my thumb. I know it doesn't sound like much to an outsider but heck I broke out a bottle of champagne. Maybe that will be the extent of my progress or maybe it is a beginning. I don't know. Actually it kind of scared me a little. Kick up your heels and enjoy life's little pleasures.

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Congratulations. Ihad worked a whole nught to move my pinky, moving the right one first to remind my brain how it is done and trying the left one afterwards. It is a great achievement and only those who have been through this path can understand how much effort it takes to do so.

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