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Another small step



If we had a fireplace I'd be in front of it with my stack of unread woodworking magazines but they'll have to wait for another day. I do miss my shop time and hope to get back out there shortly.


The wife is taking a trip with one of her gal-pals to a formal dinner some 70 miles away so I was doing the oil and other fluids check and she needed new wipers. Now checking the oil shouldn't be difficult but trying to put the dipstick into a 1/4 inch diameter pipe is somewhat challenging but with patience and a process that involves 2 hands and making a mess of my hands any 3 year old would love, it got done. Of course might as well check mine while I'm at it.


Wipers are a different matter. I've always cursed them when trying to remove them and today was no different. I discovered that a lack of dexterity doesn't noticeably make the removal of the old wipers more difficult. However a lack of strength in your dominant hand does. It becomes a contest of wills and I'll never admit I can't change a wiper blade. Pull, push, find release tab then try pushing the blade out of it's holder while keeping the release depressed. Finally it moves and nice as can be, slides off the mount.


Putting on the new blade isn't at all difficult, maybe because I'm feeling pretty good about my accomplishments. It's funny that I should be so pleased with myself for checking out the wife's car and doing some trivial maintenance but it would have been beyond my reach not all that long ago. One little step forward but it outshines the occasional step backwards.


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Bravo what do you do for an encore.

Over the years Good Morning Joe between myself and my wife when I accomplished something was I would sing macho macho man you married you a macho man.

Of course the major accomplishment back then was checking the oil and changing wiper blades.

Nothing to mechanical.

I have to admit in the last 2 years since the stroke I'm not proud of that but it is a fact.

I want to celebrate with you anytime we can take one small step forward it's a beautiful thing.

I understand your excitement about your accomplishment I think it's wonderful.

And be supportive of each other that is really cool that you were able to do that and I know how challenging putting the dipstick back before the stroke I can't imagine trying to do it now.


The small steps are critically important because if you have enough of them its you stop and look where are you then and you see how far you've actually come on your journey.

Keep sharing and keep stepping forward.

Sometimes it is only one step at a time.

Be well my friend be well,


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Well done Scott, I missed having that handy person around the house and car. But of course Ray was not able to do any of that. I bet your wife was pleased you were able to do these small jobs for her.

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That is extremely impressive! I'm sure your wife is not only thankful, but proud as well. Yesterday, my husband was looking a little down when I stopped at a gas station. (He has almost no controlled movement in his left arm and is just recently gaining strength in his left leg.) He said, "I'm sorry. I wish I could pump the gas for you." I almost said that it was no big deal. But then I realized it was to him. So I said, "Okay, let's do it." It meant another transfer into the wheel chair and repelling up to the pump so there was enough room, and probably at least 20 minutes longer than it would have taken. But we both felt accomplished. I will not allow this stroke to take away what he considers his man card. So I applaud you and your wife on your accomplishment. By the wAy, I hate changing windshield wipers too!. That's a job for our son. :)

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Scott, hooray for celebrating those small giant steps!

Your perseverance is admirable. Ever notice how we can pull it out for the ones we love.

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