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I'm Going to Have a Labor day Weekend Getaway!!!!! YAY!!!!



I am so excited to say that I am going to the river with my mom, step dad, sister and her new husband. We are staying at the lake house and I am so excited just to get out into some fresh air and quiet. Hubby and daughter have to work. I have never been able to go on the kinds of small getaways because I worked like a mad wo man. We get to get out on the river in my sister's pontoon boat and a bit of tanning for me! YAY!!!!! I'm just so excited I had to share.


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Asha I am going to! I even have the female issue for over a month now and this is the first time all year thta I haven't been anemic. I'm having surgery finally on Sept. the 21st and getting my blood tests again next week to make sure i'M not way down again and have an infusion early enough if I am. But I'm wearing my bathing suit darn it and I;ll sit on teowel and I'll just say excuse my wings.

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