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Please dont conplain to me



Sharing coffee with a felkiw survivor i was whining about the fact it took me over a month to read a book 180 pages , pre stroke it would've been 1 day.

My friend said " please dont complain to me, Im still relearning to read, Id love to have what you have. No matter how frustrating it is.

Lremember when you think you have it bad there is likely someone worse off.

Keep fighting the good figgt.



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I always try to keep that thought close. Especially on those days when I am feeling sorry for myself. I have a stroke friend who is wheelchair bound and another who has passed, I'm doing pretty good, still beating the odds and outliving my enemies. :)

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Jay it is true that there is always someone worse off than you but you are entitled to vent too, just be careful who you vent to, preferably not someone who is suffering the same problem.  We all need someone to simply talk things over with. It isn't necessarily complaining, just something we need to do.  You are a good listener so you need to find someone who is willing to listen to you.

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Well said Sue. We are human and we sometimes need to get things off out chest.


But we are blessed, we are still here, and yes things could be worse.



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