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Laughter is the best medicine, at least for me



There is nothing funny abiut having-surviving a stroke, however there are humorous situations that arise and I must laugh at them or I would surely cry.

The other day switching buses one driver I've gotten to know ealked by and i hear Hey you how are you.but I couldn't see eho it was. She walked up to me put her face directly in front of me. She said "can you sre me know? I assumed you couldn't see me " i daid yes but the best thing is I can laugh about.

It was quite a sight the two riaring with laughter.


Sure beats crying about it.

It's a big part of my new normal


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I think being able to laugh is a gift, to yourself and to those around you. It's great you can accept yourself and laugh at the mistakes you make.

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There are times that something strokey happens and all I can do is laugh at myself. Like misreading a sign that I thought said cats eat free at a restaurant.

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Laughter is better then crying.  I make sure that I laugh every day.  I don't worry like I used too.


What does it change? Jay life is short.



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