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YAY.. I AM NOT SLOW.. well kinda but not as bad



Well today I got the results from my neuropsychology and I was very pleased. I’ve learned that my recovery has been very good and strong in a lot of aspects I do have some difficulties in my frontal lobes in my executive function. It’s strange because when you hear what kind of stroke I had you would assume that it will only focus on one side of my brain when in fact it focused on many parts of my brain. My family doctor only sees the stroke happening on my left side of the brain but he forgets that he went to my post circulatory system. My father came with me today and he have to lose and everything to for it was a rainy day, I been up since 1 PM yesterday afternoon, my ADD benefits and is not can they be available to me for another week so I have to slowly get myself off it somebody go through a lot of withdrawals and lack of sleep. One thing that we talked about in therapy was finally telling my ex-husband that I have to pull away from helping them out. I have to stop thinking that it’s going to make me a bad mother for it’s not issues that I had to pull away to give space between my ex-husband and me. I’ve been putting this offer so long for I believe that my son would forget to spend time with me though I’m only 20 minutes away. The very silly thought that I would have and I know that he is smart enough to understand that I have to continue with my therapy which is what I’m going to be busy with Monday through Friday. It’s not can it be all day just certain hours during the week and my therapy is also recommended that I give some volunteering a chance while I build my business so I get out of the house and get out of my funk, and I think that’s a very good idea. I volunteered right after my stroke and I realize now that it was too early for I was very angry and it showed. I also believe that once I separate myself completely from my ex-husband I will be able to be freer to not feel stressed down and boggled down and can finally live my own life. My son understands that this is something I have to do and I know that he is a very smart young man and he wants his mommy to get better. That is one issue that therapists my father made very definite to mean that I keep on dragging my feet because I am so afraid of what’s going to happen though I know everything is going to be okay I am but a phone call away. I guess the thing that took me over the edge is my ex-husband telling me that he and his new girlfriend and I go on a cruise and they’re going to make a stop in Mexico and that made me so upset because that was something I had tried for him to do and he always said but we have to save up money, which is true but if you have the money for this and I did it we could go on a cruise so I think that in the future I am going to go on a cruise with either my family are my closest friends or both. I realize why it bothers me so much because I’m always there in the way that my mind works I’m in Wiseman while I’m there because it feels so natural and I can understand why he’s doing this behind my back though it’s been two years and that’s not fair to me. I mean my son is 13 years old that may seem young but he’s gone before very soon and my therapist and my father and I believe that my son can at least come home by himself he can even wake up by himself he is a very responsible trusting young man. We also have a friend that lives down the road that said if we, see there I go again I say we if he wants to drop him off before school so he could spend time with his friend he can and I think that this is something that he should’ve thought of before he started to work. I know he is my son I don’t mind spending time with him but not to help you out in a being used by it free childcare it’s our son but in a divorce we separate one and one goes to the other and the child with the parent at this time has to make the accommodations


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Hi keil, please that you are taking stock of your life. like you said, your Son is a young man who 


knows what is going on, and life goes on.  It is great that you are moving away from your ex


husband. Going on a cruise with them, would not have been a good idea.  like i have told you


before, time to move on. For you and your Son.


God bless,



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Go live girl. Son will ALWAYS remember you love you. He is good age for more more responsibilityy but I share your worry about him getting home. How about just dropping him off maybe. I hear you trying to deal with ex new girl friend getting the version of ex that goes on a mexican cruise. forget about it. life is waiting. you are dazzling so go on a singles cruise with a gal pal and eat!! good healthy foods and walk or swim off calories and see new amazing things. Better than sitting watching ex with girlfriend. Unless you guys have some movie version life where it does not hurt. God Bless.

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I can't agree more with everyone. Kelli you are amazing, just yourself, and you deserve to fulfill that. Your attitude toward the confusion that goes on around your ex is a big part of his responsibility too. I love your attitude right now. Kelli its like a baby bird ready to fly. and you are ready my dear spread your wings and take your own journeys...it will be magical. That smart son of yours will never be far but it would also give him a blessing to see his mother getting better and spreading her wings. That's a brave thing to do. He will know this. Always remember to love and take care of another we must do that for ourselves first. That is not being selfish it means you will have the energy, ability, and foresight to give another what he/she needs. I think your idea of a cruise for you is wonderful. Not a cruise for all of you where you would feel miserable and find yourself in the same confusing situation. That is no way to have a cruise you want to live a bit for you on one.

Show them Kelli, show yourself, that you are dynamic and that you need your own space to be you. You Go Girl!!!!!!! I almost didn't say congratulation on all your progress it's a great feeling when we can see quantitative results. Keep up that wonderful go for it attitude!

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Kelli, can't sleep, so just read your very compelling story.  Your thoughts and action plans clearly show you're on the right path to independence and happiness.  You'll find the peace you rightfully deserve; you give it to others so willingly, it's time to grasp it for yourself!  Godspeed on this journey!

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Kelli, can't sleep, so just read your very compelling story.  Your thoughts and action plans clearly show you're on the right path to independence and happiness.  You'll find the peace you rightfully deserve; you give it to others so willingly, it's time to grasp it for yourself!  Godspeed on this journey!

thank you

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