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oh boy



There is never a moment with hanging out with me. I woke up one night I noticed a very delicious looking recipe for sliced cucumbers and I knew exactly what I had to do. While my son and I were watching the Olympics on television I decided it would be the best time to slice my cucumbers. I did not expect is that them to sliced so smoothly then again, that’s what the mandolin was designed for. I was swinging my arms back and forth effortlessly cutting the cucumber and the next thing I knew I had intense pain. I knew exactly what happened but I did not know to what extent for I just grabbed a towel and covered up my finger to avert the blood flow. I grab my son and I said we had to go to urgent care right just place my finger again not knowing how much I sliced it. I calmly wanted to urgent care and explain to them that I had sliced my finger and they instructed me to wait for it was a very crowded waiting room. And I did and I did that is until I started to feel woozy. I walked over to the front desk and informed them that I was on Plavix and that I bleed a lot. All that did the trick for I was taken back within moments. They dishtowel the head wrapped around my hand was drenched with blood and she filled up a bucket of water and saline solution for me to place my hand in. The blood was just coming out like so in turn on the faucet granted it looks worse in the water than it does but believe me when I tell you it was pretty gross. They had to cauterize it to help it from bleeding so much and that hurt beyond anything I can imagine so I told them that they had to give me something for numbing and they did and then she continued to cauterize it. I have learned my lesson not to play with sharp things without the safety which is why they put it on there in the first place. But again I may chalk it up to it’s my first step to becoming a great chef and hot dogs and peanut butter jelly sandwiches for the rest of my life so I don’t have to cut anything



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Kelli I did the same thing just a couple of days ago. Thankfully it was just a tiny nick. I was trying out my new mandolin...I think I will delegate this job for now. Whew it really hit me that I could have sliced the whole tip of my finger off with the onion. I am really glad you are ok. Dumb mandolin %*^&^



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Did you mother not tell you to be careful with sharp utensils...lol.  Glad you went and got it fixed up Kelli but seriously on Plavix you do have to be careful of cuts so more thought about what you are  doing when using sharps next time please. BUT do do as much home cooking as you can , it is absolutely worth it.

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