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Bad News Today



My Gynecologist sent me an email that tells me he has gone over my pathology results from the D&C with Hysteroscopy last week and they found Endometrial Hyperplasia WITH Atypia. His says this means Hysterectomy and that I will need to see a Gyn Oncologist. It means that the Endometrial Cells are morphing toward Cancer cells. It also means that I would have to get a Complete Hysterectomy with Pathology during and depending on results lymph nodes removed. I think I read 29% lead to Uterine Cancer and 17-59% co-exist with Uterine Cancer. Yes I'm scared.


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Gosh Tracy, that is NOT good news.  I hope it turns out to be less invasive than your doctor thinks.  It is not what you need after your stroke and all the problems you have been having.  I would say you are strong enough to face this but I know how soon that gets old.  So just big (((HUGS))) and praying there are better times ahead.

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At least you now have the knowledge of what you are facing.  It often helps to have a name for the beast.  Fingers crossed it remains pre-cancerous.  My sister had this done a couple of years back because of chronic endometriosis, that caused issues similar to those you have described in other posts.  She says it's the best thing she ever did.  She put up with the condition and tried numerous fixes for over 15 years before going for the radical solution.


So yes it's not good news and it is scary, but you're doing something about it, and it isn't the end of the world.



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Thanks Heather yes i am glad I didn't just say yes to an IUD because this in turn helped the Dr. make the decision to even do the D&C. I may have not found out so early. I have decided to think about the positives one of those being I won't be anemic all the time. This is a great outcome from surgery.

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