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I Wanted to Add Some Lighthearted Laughter...




We have a squirrel family who comes back to our attic every year and builds their apartments, towns, and mansions. Every year we have find where they have found a way to get in and close it up and block it. They always find a way back in. My Landlord said it has been happening for many years and they cover and close and keep them out and they always find a way. So this year we have heard little feet scampering across the plastic piece that sits behind our gutters. The areas that they had going to the attic here have been fixed and even with chicken wire so they won't chew through. These are little feet, babies, and they go back and forth up there and sometimes i get to say hello cause they will look out over the gutter or they stick their little noses through a small open area that is where my porch cover starts. They're cute and I am an animal lover but I know they could do all sorts of damage in the attic so allowing them to winter up there is a really bad idea so we do our best to keep them out. So a couple of days ago my daughter had opened the front door because we were leaving and quickly asked " What in the world is that mom." She was lokking at my fall wreath I had put up just a few days ago. I looked and right on the top behind the flowers and scarecrow was a biscuit. I laughed and explained it was a biscuit and went outside and retrieved it from my wreath. I brought it in and you could see little nibbles had been taken from it. I hadn't made any biscuits but someone had and the baby squirrels stole one and hid it in my wreath. I'm still fussing at myself for not taking a picture before I got it down. We both have had the best laughs and stories to tell our family. I hope you get a laugh too. I'm putting another picture of my wreath but the back way so you can imagine.


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Some little creatures are very ingenious at living life within our human communities.  It is a good story Tracy and i guess proves we humans are good for a laugh as far as squirrels are concerned too. :) 

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Lin I walked in my living-room one day and there sitting on the very top of my rocking chair was....you guessed it a squirrel. My kitty was excited and had the idea this looked like a great time to get herself one of those. She ran after it and the squirrel went crazy jumping from top to top of my furniture and it seemed like bouncing off walls. My kitty took one good look and ran in the bedroom and got on the bed. LOL My husband came in with a laundry basket and tried to catch it in between it's fits and then he left the same way he came in. Needless to say we found an area where he got through and down into the house and we covered and closed it. That was a story to tell!

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Well my squirrel family made it inside they are building their mansions again. I have told our landlord a multitude of times but he just isn't real worried about it. The hole that allowed at east one of them in the house is covered so other than letting him know there is nothing left to do but hope that they already have most of the materials up there for their new abodes and know that at least they are warm. I think this is kinda weird of me...but I really have done my part acceptance can reduce my stress about it.

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