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Let's Do This!



I am psyching myself up for my appointment with the gynecologist oncologist which is next Friday. Getting my questions written up and trying to think positive.


I am especially proud of myself because the last 2 days I have written a list and I have gotten everything done except 2. I really like checking things off. I got a list pad that is cute and has check off boxes and is not really long (like half the length of regular list pads). Each of the nights and early in the morning when I first get up I make my list for the coming day. I find that I am starting to finish easy stuff first. I think that check mark gives me motivation and I'm sticking with each thing finish to end. Such a huge accomplishment!


Say a little prayer for my husband he just interviewed for a job that is $4 more per hour! Now that will be a blessing we are really struggling financially. I have realized setting up my file system that I have so many unpaid medical bills. :( I just keep getting more! It's a bit scary.


Hope everyone is doing well and God bless!


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There's nothing like a list for keeping you on track, and there is something about crossing things off (or checking the "done" box) that makes you feel better at the end of the day. I have been known to write down the things I've already done before the list was written so I can cross them off.  There's nothing wrong with getting the easy stuff done first.


Fingers crossed (metaphorically) for Adrian and the Job.  I'm just sorting out the bills from my feinting episode (hospital costs are silly/scary, even in a country with universal health care), and I'm so aware of the fact that the rest of the years PT costs comes out of my pocket as there's no more Insurance money until January.

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Thank you David! 


Heather it is mind boggling to me, and I'm about to have this surgery. I'm going to have to go wash dishes at the hospital for a very long time. 

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