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Worry...it's a daily thing for me...



Lately, I have been really down sorta. In one way I think I am doing great...I am getting things done which has been a big struggle. My kitchen is clean, I made a fall wreath, I have vacuumed everywhere, mopped floors, cleaned the bathroom, and just trying to organize my life in my house a bit better. On the other hand I have been worried about my husband who hasn't felt well. He left work early and is missing 2 more days. It's really unlike him at all. His blood pressure had been so high the last few months that he talked with his Dr. who prescribed him blood pressure medicine to help bring it down. When he got home the other day he just slumped over the couch to set his briefcase down. He has been dizzy, nauseous,everyday headaches, hurting in different places, exhausted, and his blood pressure was extemely low like 69/48 and 74/55 and 89/65 and then it went back up to a normal reading 115/70ish. I called the after hours nurse and had the on call Dr. call and speak with him. Adrian is super great at downplaying his symptoms so I'm not sure exactly what was said between the two. He told me that she said those numbers were too low and if it continued then he should make a trip to the ER. He already has an appointment on Tuesday so he asked her can't he just wait until then. She told him if he feels better then wait but watch his blood pressure and how he feels closely. So he goes tomorrow but he has been up and down all day. He's in a terrible mood which helps me know he doesn't feel well (that's his MO). I'm pretty concerned about him. The next thing to worry about is finances. We are really having a super hard time. We are having the hardest time even making rent. Today my daughter and I made a two week menu that we bought groceries for and the grocery bill just made me sick to my stomach. We were very frugal too. My daughter is having to help pretty much with her whole check this Friday for rent and we just hope we have enough. I'm just scared.


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Tracy, your family are going through a hard patch for sure.  Hope it all works out and you can pay the rent on time. Your husband's BP sounds a bit of a worry. See if you can get him to do something relaxing, for Ray it was a snooze in the afternoon, for me a quiet read in a sunny corner or somewhere in the garden. We all need to have time off and time out but it is hard to find the time we need to do that sometimes.

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Thanks Sue that's what I said to him too. He's said what time I don't have any time. I told him he was just going to have to make time each day he is off. An hour just an hour just for him. I told him I have learned something on this journey of mine that we have to take for ourselves so that we can have the energy and care for taking care of others. He fussed with me and said you can't add time. I explained that i didn't say add but make time and it actually gives you energy to fight better and stronger. 

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Tracy that is all so hard, I do hope he takes the advice.  The trouble is if he doesn't make time now he may not get a choice about it later.  When you push a body too far it breaks. And I get that it's stressing him out which makes the whole thing harder to change.  If he can make a small change to his daily routine he should find that the stress reduces and the energy increases but it can be so hard for him to see that until after the change starts to work.  It's so easy to keep on doing what you've always done.  Try to be patient and let him do this for himself.  Pushing from you at the wrong time will only make it harder for him ( But I know you know this :) )


We are here for you even if we can't do much from this side of the world


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tracy, the way I take my blood pressure is to take it ~5 times and DON'T LOOK AT THE READINGS and the fifth time record it.  mood and anxiety affect my blood pressure.  you don't look at them cause if they are bad they might very easily cause more anxiety and get worse.

hope things with Adrian get better.



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Thank you Heather I really know and feel my support here. David I'm the same as you I get anxiety from things just like that. My husband would tell you he never has anxiety and he always "got this". So from a small distance I try to be his buffer. Maybe sometimes when he doesn't even know it. Adrian is feeling lots better just tired. The doctor said he may have run into a virus even. He drew blood and took him off of his blood pressure meds right now cause his reeadings are just right without them.

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