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When it rains it pours...



Today has been a whirlwind. I decided to go see my mom's brother in law for the last time probably. He has brain cancer and he will probably pass very very soon. I was glad I went...even though he was never really conscious of me being there. I have a lot of memories of my Aunt Sherry and Darrel when I was little and I was their babysitter for their two children when I was a teen. Then they babysat my daughter when she was little. I just didn't want to miss the chance. I also found out today that they found a tumor on my dad's brain left side behind his ear. Thankfully the specialist doesn't think it is cancer but a stressful day and we have more to go yet. I also found out my sister is having spine surgery for her neck in November. Put all of that together with my imminent surgery and there is just a lot going on. I told my dad today to be brave like me. If I can face this stroke then you can face what is going on inside you. I believe in you. I can't wait to tell my Psychiatrist that my medication seems to really be working. I held it together. I was reallly worries about that...but I did it. It may pour when it rains but I still can find a piece of sunshine again. It's a blessing. :)


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Sometimes it is hard to be steady in the situations you found yourself in today and it was you who had the presence to do it..  I am sure all that you did in a quiet way had an impact for the better on what others felt.  Good for you.

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I'm pretty proud of myself and I didn't know I could handle seeing my uncle. I was even surprised. The way I see it is we as a family will and I say will get through each and every thing one step at a time.

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I've just realized something... I can be strong for others again maybe not everyone or even myself sometimes but now I realize that sometimes I can. That is a huge step for me.

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Sorry to hear about your Uncle. IT is wonderful that you were strong to lift up your Dad, and be there for your Aunt. Well done, sometimes we don.t know that we have the strength and surprise ourself..


The family and You are in my Prayers



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You are so right. two months ago this day would have been different. I can see my improvement and it helps me to be strong during everything happening. Just when I needed it.

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