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Making someone's day after she made mine



Saturday I was not feeling very joyful on my way to town. Money was tight, what else is new.

I stopped for coffee I was d I going out change and the worker said that's good enough. I'll pay the rest.

This person is always so happy and full of positive energy.

As I was leaving to get my bus. I told her how she helped me push the negative energy away. I thanked her for the coffee she said don't mention it. I said thank you for being you.

We shared a laugh and my day was brightened the remainder of the day.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

peace love and joy


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Jay :


that's so sweet. small act of kindness goes long way. I am so happy you are spreading love & joy wherever you go.



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It's good when we have a positive response from someone.  Helping people is great but even better when we get a positive response. Keep up the good work.

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Jay,  I  love people who are so postive, I am trying. To day I was going to the doctor on an 


Access bus, for People who have some disabiliy, and here was a lady, who have lost her sight, got kidney troubles, diabetes, and her only Child ,is also disability. Yet this lady was a breath of fresh air.


I may sure I counted my blessings



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