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Incredibly blessed and Incredibly humbled



With the latest edition of strokenet going live Saturday including my phone Rising on Sunday I got an email from one of our fellow member and she claims poem was wonderful honest and totally relevant to stroke recovery and she now feels inspired to continue Rising but the most incredible comment that she made that just almost back of my knees what she said that she is keeping a copy of it on her desk for easy quick reference as a writer I always hoped that someone can relate to the least some of what I write I never would have expected somebody to put one of my poems down on their desk as a quick reference I've been flying high all week.

God bless all of us as we continue on our journey and thank you my friends for support of any right away important to me I can't thank you Mom I love you God bless you have a beautiful day


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Jay we all need support and encouragement.  I am glad this lady was able to show you how much she thought of what you wrote.  That is good for both of you.

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